Media Library

The Consular Office of Japan has a collection of DVDs, VHS tapes and books; in addition to various materials needed for the study of Japanese language, tea ceremony, Ikebana and others.

These articles are available for loan under the following stipulations, listed below.



Education-related, for public presentation or use by private organization. (In the event that there are many requests for an item, this office will decide whom to loan it to.)


<Purpose of use>

o        Fostering an understanding of Japan’s culture, traditions and history for Alaskans.

o        To promote Japanese language education.

o        We cannot loan to individuals or organizations seeking to use items for personal use, commercial or for-profit pursuits.


<Terms of use>

DVD, VHS tapes, Books, Japanese language study materials

Loan limit:                                            10 items/loan

Loan period:                                         3 weeks

Extension:                                             It is possible to ask for an extension once. (Grants an additional 2 weeks.)

Shipment options (USPS):                The return postage is the responsibility of the recipient


Tea ceremony, Ikebana, Japanese cultural items.

The conditions for loan vary from item to item. For more details please contact us.


<In case of loss, damage or defacement…>

o        Please contact us as soon as possible

o        If it isn’t possible to return an item in the same condition as it was originally, you may be responsible for its replacement or equivalent.


<How to Loan>

Please select the category of item(s) you would like to view below. Then select the item(s) from that list and send a copy of the application form to us via either e-mail or fax.


- Books

- CDs

- DVDs

- Japan Video Topics (01/13/2015 update!)

- Society and Tourism

- Study Materials and Other



Contact Information

TEL (907) 562-8424 x101

FAX (907) 562-8434