Online Exchange Opinion with Ms. Rei Shimizu


On September 27, Mr. Aniya and Mr. Howard, staff member, exchanged views online with Rei Shimizu, Assistant Professor (Social Work) at the University of Alaska Anchorage.


Assistant Professor Shimizu integrates her clinical expertise in DV/IPV and her interest in food to examine social determinants of health, particularly related to diet quality. She moved to Alaska early last year, and has been teaching undergraduate and graduate students at the University. Mr. Howard asked Mrs. Shimizu about her research activities, and Mr. Aniya asked what motivated her to start her current research. Mrs. Shimizu mentioned that she has a great interest in the importance of the impact of food on people's lives and the importance of efforts to improve eating habits on a community basis, leading to her current research activities. Her research interest is also influenced by how food is conceptualized in Japanese culture and the general relationship Japanese people have with food.


Mr. Aniya said that the Consular Office of Japan in Anchorage hosts events related to the sister city relationship and friendship promotion between Japan and Alaska. He mentioned that the Office held the “International Youth Online Conference,” and high school/college students from Japan and Alaska discussed the promotion of friendship at the Conference. Online Youth Forum meetings have been held monthly since September this year, and in March next year it plans to hold “The Presentation,” where students will present their “hometown pride.” He also stated that he would like the students of the University of Alaska Anchorage to participate in these events.


Assistant Professor Shimizu and Director Aniya stated that they would like to continue exchanging information and cooperating with each other.