The second “Online Youth Forum” meeting

2nd forum 1
2nd forum 2
On October 14 (Alaska time), the second "Online Youth Forum" meeting was held and attended by 40 people.  There were 22 high school students, 4 university students, 8 observers (teacher, sister city coordinators, families etc.), 1 interpreter resides in Chitose city, 1 guest speaker and 4 Consular Office staff members (Mr. Aniya, Head of the Office, Ms. Suzuki, Howard and Mr. Holayter, staff members) attended the meeting.
In the beginning, Mr. Aniya welcomed the attendees, introduced staff members, the interpreters, and the guest speaker for the second forum, Mr. Michihiro Konno.  Mr. Konno was born in Hokkaido, the first Asian to win one of the four major dog sled races in the world.  In recognition of his achievements, he was commended by the Alaska State Legislature and was given permanent residency in the United States.  He is the third Japanese person to receive the award of a permanent resident in sports.  He has lived in Alaska since 2000 and devoted himself to dog sledding competitions.  He lives in Fairbanks as a nature guide, hiking guide, Aurora guide now. 
He delivered his passion towards dog sledding and told young students not to give up on their dreams.  After the completion of his speech, students asked him questions such as “what senary does he like?” “did you have a favorite dog?  Is so, what was the dog’s name? “etc. 
After that, three videos were introduced as examples of presentations at “The Presentations” which will be held on March 3, 2023.  Then, a Q&A session took a place. Students from Palmer High School shared that they held  “Onigiri(Rice ball)  Action Presentations” and a student showed his handmade Onigiri. 
For details on the "Online Youth Forum", please refer to here and for “The presentations”, please refer to here.  Students who wish to participate next forum are advised to contact the Consular Office by email (  Once we receive a request of attendance, we will email you a zoom invitation of a forum you wish to attend along with an agenda of a forum. 
Looking forward to your participation! 
Consular Office of Japan in Anchorage