"Japan-Alaska Sister Cities Forum" online meeting


On September 29 (Alaska Time), the "Japan-Alaska Sister Cities Forum" online meeting was held.  The Forum meeting was attended by coordinators from the 10 Japan-Alaska sister cities, and from the Consular Office of Japan in Anchorage: Mr. Aniya, Ms. Suzuki and Mr. Howard.  Attendees discussed the promotion of exchanges and other issues.


 At the meeting, an explanation was given of the two events "Online Youth Forum" and "The Presentation" hosted by the Consular Office, followed by a question-and-answer session among the attendees.


Mr. Aniya explained that the first “Online Youth Forum” was held on September 16, and it will be held in October, November, and December, and the main topics are “lectures by celebrities and activists” and “free speech.” He also explained that at the "The Presentation" scheduled to be held online in March next year, attending students are expected to actively introduce their hometown pride, especially tourist spots and shopping streets, and what is popular in schools and communities. He hoped that many sister city students (high school and university students) would participate in both events.


During the Q&A session, the main questions were:

 Is there a deadline for those wishing to participate in the “Online Youth Forum?” (Answer: There is no deadline. Students can participate even if he/she contacts the day before the meeting. For those who wish to participate, please refer to the flyer.)

- Should attendees of the 'Online Youth Forum' make a presentation at 'The Presentation'?  (Answer: These two events are separate events, and attendees of the Online Youth Forum are not required to make presentations at “The Presentation”. However, at the forum meeting, explanations of “The Presentation” and examples of presentations will be provided, and we plan to encourage students to participate and make presentations at "The Presentation".)

 Is it possible for both individuals and groups to participate in “The Presentation?” (Answer: Individuals and groups are welcome to participate. Groups are preferred, but individual participation is of course possible.)

 Is it possible to use a video in the presentation of "The Presentation?” If possible, is there a deadline for submissions and a format for the video?  (Answer: It is possible to use a video. Since it is an online event, it is also possible to give a live presentation on site. The deadline and format for video submission will be announced after consideration.)


After Q&A session, the Sister City coordinators introduced the exchanges planned for this year and next year including those between Anchorage and Chitose, especially the visit of a delegation consisting of those from the Chitose Ainu Association and others from Chitose City.