Exchanged views online with Anchorage Police Chief Michael Kerle

On October 5, Mr. Aniya and Mr. Howard, staff member, exchanged views online with Anchorage Police Chief Michael Kerle.
Mr. Aniya expressed his gratitude for the department’s efforts in maintaining a safe living environment for Anchorage citizens, including Japanese residents. Having heard that Chief Kerle graduated the State University of New York in Albany, and having worked at the Consulate General of Japan in Boston, Mr. Aniya said that he felt an affinity for the people and scenery of Massachusetts and its neighboring states.
Chief Kerle said that he had visited Japan three times, and had a wonderful experience in Japan. Chief Kerle’s son attended a Japanese immersion program school. He also mentioned that he was proud of his department’s achievements in interacting with the community, which he thinks is very important.
In addition, Mr. Aniya and Chief Kerle exchanged views on the Norman Rockwell Museum and autumn leaves in Massachusetts, and sister city exchanges between Anchorage and Chitose City.