“Japan-Alaska Sister Cities Forum” online meeting

On January 12 (Alaska time), the “Japan-Alaska Sister Cities Forum” online meeting was held, and coordinators from 6 sister cities (Chitose City, Teshio Town, Akita City, Obihiro City, Homer and Ketchikan), and, from the Consular Office, Mr. Aniya and Mr. Holayter, staff member, attended the meeting and discussed the promotion of exchanges.
Mr. Aniya reported on the "Online Youth Forum" held four times on September 16, October 14, November 18, and December 16, and explained that, lecturers by well-known figures, free discussions by students and explanations about "The Presentation" took place at the meetings, and that additional "Online Youth Forum" meetings would be held on January 27 and February 24, 2023.
In addition, Mr. Aniya mentioned that he would like many students to participate in "The Presentation" to be held on March 3, and, if there is a request from the students, an online briefing would be organized. In addition, he explained about the “Participation Guidelines” and prizes for "The Presentation".
(Click here for the article on “Participation Guidelines and prizes.)
Lastly, as plans for this year, a coordinator from the Ketchikan introduced a plan for junior high school student exchange, and coordinators Teshio Town/Homer introduced a plan for an online class session.