Mr. Aniya talks to sixth grade students at Shigetomi Elementary School

On February 14, Mr. Aniya spoke for 45 minutes to about 120 students of 6th graders from his alma mater, Shigetomi Elementary School of Aira City.  This event was held as part of the "Welcome Seniors" program at the school.
Mr. Aniya talked about his memories of Shigetomi Elementary School, such as activities in the musical instrument club, his setback in high school when his grades became unsatisfactory, how he decided to become a diplomat when in college, and the work of the embassy and consulate general. After the explanation, he mentioned, “In today's international society, no country can survive without relations with other countries, so international cooperation is important for Japan, and I would like you to get interested in international affairs.”
During the question-and-answer session, students asked questions such as “How many languages can you speak?”, and “How is the situation in conventional arms division (where Mr. Aniya worked before)?”, then a representative of students express his appreciation to Mr. Aniya.