Chitose - Anchorage sister city student exchange

From May 28th to June 2nd, 28 students from Mears Junior High School in Anchorage visited Chitose City, and had a school experience and homestay. The photos are taken at that time. All look fun.
According to a host organization, this year's stay was shorter than usual, and the Chitose host families felt that they were a little unsatisfied with short time with the Mears Junior High School students.
In addition, Mears Junior High School students spoke very good Japanese, and hosts were very surprised to find that students had no trouble communicating with hosts on a daily basis.
The students in Chitose City were inspired by the proficiency in Japanese of the Mears students, and some Japanese students felt that they should put more effort into their English study, and that their future dreams have spread to the world. Listening to Japanese students’ voices, the host organization felt that all involved once again realized the significance of exchanges in person.
The Consular Office of Japan in Anchorage is very pleased to see that Japan-Alaska sister city exchanges have resumed as actively as they did before COVID-19.