The "Japan-Korea-Philippines Consular Offices Forum" was held

On December 5, the "Japan-Korea-Philippines Consular Offices Forum" was held, chaired by Mr. Aniya, and Consul Park Joongsuk from the Korean Consular Office and Consul Carrillo from the Philippine Honorary Consular Office attended the Forum (Mr. Darrick Howard was also present).
At the forum meeting, Consul Joongsuk, who attended the meeting for the first time, gave a greeting and expressed his hope for useful information/opinions exchanges, and, when necessary, joint action at the meeting, which is attended by South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. Mr. Aniya and Consul Carrillo gave words of welcome.
Next, each consular office made a presentation on its scheduled events under the agenda "Planned Events/Works by Each Consular Offices in 2024." Mr. Aniya mentioned the "Sister City/Town Pride Festa" and the "Online Arctic Symposium."
In addition, information was exchanged on recent hot topics in Alaska, such as Alaska Airlines' buying Hawaii Airlines and direct flights between Alaska and Asia