Mr. Aniya exchanged opinions with people from ENEOS Corporation, HIF USA, and Westinghouse Electric Company LLC

On November 3, Mr. Aniya had a meeting with members of a group from ENEOS Corporation (Mr. Tetsu Tachikawa, General Manager of Project Services Department, Mr. Satoru Otatsume, Deputy General Manager of Hydrogen Business Department, Mr. Yoshinari Hiki, Group Manager of Overseas Hydrogen Supply Chain Group), Mr. Keith Meyer, Advisor of HIF USA, and Ms. Mary Peace, Consultant, Authorized Representative of Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, and exchanged opinions with them.
The Group members of ENEOS Corporation and others explained that ENEOS and HIF were jointly studying the development of carbon-neutral fuel supply chain to Japan and were exploring the possibility of involving Alaska in their efforts.
Mr. Aniya mentioned that he considered the possibility of expanding such a promising energy cooperation between ENEOS/HIF in Alaska as extremely fortunate. He also mentioned that the Consular Office in Anchorage would hold an event, the "Online Arctic Symposium", concerning Arctic cooperation between Japan and Alaska, on November 20 and 21 (Alaska time), and that this year participants would demonstrate the current status of various Japan-Alaska projects looking forward to their future developments. Therefore he would appreciate it, if members of the Group would join the event and use it as a reference.