Message from Kanayama International Exchange Association (KIEA) "Hida Kanayama marathon"

The following is a message from Ms. Yoshiho Furuta, member of “Kanayama International Exchange Association (KIEA).”

On November 5th the “Hida Kanayama marathon” was held.
It was the 45th event and many runners visited Kanayama to participate in the marathon. The “Kanayama International Exchange Association” has been involved in this event for some time, and sells various goods (postcards, kitchen towels, etc.) from Ketchikan to raise funds for exchanges.
Included in the good for sale were tie-dye T-shirts and tote bags made by handicapped individuals earlier this year.
Due to the pandemic, participation in the marathon was limited for the last four years, so this was the first time in five years we were able to join in the festivities.
We couldn't sell a lot, but many people enjoyed the marathon, and we were able to introduce them to our relationship with our Sister City Ketchikan.
We really had a good time.