Foreign Minister's Commendation Ceremony for Mrs. Sachiko Kono

On January 18th, the Minister of Foreign Affairs 2023 award ceremony was held to honor the outstanding contributions of Mrs. Sachiko Kono. The ceremony took place at Sand Lake Elementary School, where Kiyohiko Hamada, the head of the Consular Office in Anchorage, expressed gratitude for Mrs. Kono's remarkable efforts in advancing Japanese language education, fostering cultural exchange between Anchorage and Chitose cities, and her dedicated role as an organizer of Tomodachi Daiko.
Amidst the warm atmosphere, Mr. Hamada extended his best wishes to Mrs. Kono for her future endeavors. Following these heartfelt expressions, certificates and prizes were presented to acknowledge her significant achievements, including a signed letter from Chitose City Mayor Ryuichi Yokota expressing appreciation for Mrs. Kono's outstanding contributions.
Mrs. Kono, in turn, expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support received from related parties and parents. She acknowledged their role in making foreign language education widely accepted in Alaska.
The ceremony was marked by memorable moments, There were congratulatory speeches, such as one from Dr. Denice Clyne's, praising Mrs. Kono's accomplishments and emphasizing the profound importance and value of immersion programs in language education. Dr. Clyne's words resonated with the audience, highlighting the broader impact of Mrs. Kono's work. Adding to the festivities, 2nd-grade students from Sand Lake Elementary School sang in chorus, presenting a delightful performance. The students sang the touching song 'Sekai ga Hitotsu ni Narumade,' in Japanese with sign language as well adding an extra layer of charm to the event. And the event would not have been complete without the rhythm of celebration emanating from Tomodachi Daiko's profound performance that Mrs. Kono herself participated in.
The ceremony concluded with a beautiful gesture as Mrs. Kono was presented a bouquet of flowers, symbolizing gratitude and admiration for her exceptional dedication and achievements.