Meeting with Ms. Meg Inokuma

Ms. Meg Inokuma
On December 20, Mr. Aniya, Mr. Holayter, and Mr. Howard, staff members, met and exchanged opinions with Ms. Meg Inokuma, the winner of the 59th Annual Equinox Marathon and biometrician for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
Mr. Aniya expressed his gratitude for having her as a lecturer for the "Online Youth Forum", and then said that he was pleased to meet Ms. Inokuma, a celebrity who is working actively in Alaska today. After that, Mr. Aniya, Mr. Holayter and Mr. Howard, based on the article of the Anchorage Daily News, asked her various questions such as; why she came to live in Alaska, what charms of Alaska keep her here, what her work with the Department of Fish and Game entails, where did her passion for running come from, what the future holds for her.
Ms. Inokuma answered all of these questions with an unyielding jovial smile, especially since her endeavors and actions had brought her to Alaska as she had planned since her youth. Ms. Inokuma mentioned that she in reality rarely runs, rather her athleticism comes from “playing in the mountains” and her love of the outdoors as she hikes, skis, climbs and bikes, all things wrapped up in why she loves living in Palmer, Alaska.
Ms. Inokuma will be the speaker at the 5th "Online Youth Forum" hosted by the Consular Office of Japan in Anchorage on January 27 (Alaska time). At this forum, Japanese and Alaska students (high school/university) will have opportunities to listen to lectures by celebrities and cultural figures who are active in the community, have free discussions in foreign languages, and listen to an explanation about the event “The Presentations” to be held on March 3, 2023 (Alaska time).
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