Palmer Saroma Sister City Exchange (Palmer Onigiri Action Campaign)

Four Palmer High School students - Emily Reich, Ben Fuller, Joy Merry, and Alder Deal - became sensei (teachers) for a day at Palmer Junior Middle School. They taught 115 kids how to make onigiri, delicious Japanese rice balls. This was part of the Onigiri Action Campaign. By the end of the day, the students of PJMS helped contribute to a donation of 575 meals for students in need around the world. These high school students will be participating in an exchange trip to Palmer’s sister city, Saroma Japan, next June as the Palmer High Saroma Delegation.
In their words;
「きのう、わたしとともだちはパーマちゅうがっこにいって、115人のこどもたちにおにぎりのつくりかたをおしえました。とてもすばらしかったです。Thank you, Palmer Junior Middle School!!!! We were able to teach 115 kids how to make onigiri and all together donated 575 meals! すごい! みなさんのちからでいいことができます。」
ジョイメリーより #OnigiriAction