Temporary Visitor Visa


*U.S. citizens do not require a visa to enter Japan if their stay is less than 90 days*

A temporary visitor/short-term stay visa is for those who intend to stay in Japan for less than 90 days with non-paid/not-for-profit activities as the purpose of the trip such as:

  • Sightseeing; recreation; sports
  • Visiting relatives, friends, or acquaintances; visiting a sick person; attending a wedding or funeral ceremony
  • Participating in athletic tournaments; contests etc. as an amateur
  • Business purposes (such as market research, business liaison, business consultation, signing a contract, or providing after-sale service for imported machinery)
  • Inspecting or visiting plants, trade fairs etc.
  • Attending lectures, explanatory meetings etc.; academic surveys or research presentations
  • Religious pilgrimages or visits
  • Friendship visits to sister cities, sister schools etc.
  • or other similar activities during a short period of stay in Japan.
Depending on your nationality, you may not need a visa if your stay in Japan is less than 90 days. Please check the list of countries with visa exemptions on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to determine if you need a short-term visa.

Persons planning to travel to Japan for a different purpose, such as students, workers, journalists, entertainers, attorneys, etc., must apply for a different visa in the appropriate category.

If you are traveling through Japan on the way to another country as your final destination, you may need a transit visa. This includes passengers who have overnight flight connections in Japan and passengers arriving at one airport in Japan and departing from another airport in Japan.

Required Documentation

A person applying for a short-term visa to travel to Japan must submit the following documentation:

1. Valid Passport

Must have at least one complete blank visa page.

Immigration documents showing legal status and permission of reentry into the United States (if applicable)
May be a U.S. Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) or a valid U.S. visa sticker on a valid passport
F or J visa holder must show an I-20 or DS-2019 (formerly IAP-66) with the valid signature of an appropriate official in order to reenter the U.S.

Please note that in principle we do not accept an application from B-1 (Temporary Business Visitor) and B-2 (Temporary Visitor for Tourism/Leisure) U.S. visa holders. If you hold a B-1 or B-2 U.S. visa, you should return to your country of origin and apply for a Japan visa from there.

2. One visa application form

Must be completely filled and signed by the applicant.
Blank visa application forms are available at the consular office or may be downloaded here.

3. One 2” x 2” square passport-type color photograph

Must be taken within 6 months of application date with front-face view of applicant and plain background.

4. A flight itinerary or reservation confirming arrival and departure in Japan

An e-ticket or print-out from a travel agency, airline or travel website is acceptable. The print-out should include:

  1. Passenger's name.
  2. Confirmation number/record locator.
  3. Airline names, flight number and all departure/destination cities.
  4. Complete round-trip flight itinerary, starting/ending in the US. This should include all of the countries you are visiting other than Japan, if applicable.

Please note: We do not require the purchase of tickets, but we require a confirmed reservation. The Consular Office of Japan is not responsible for tickets which may be unusable due to the delay or denial of a visa.

5. Visa fees (if applicable)

Visa fees vary by country. There is no visa fee for U.S. citizens.

The consular office only accepts exact payments in cash. Checks and cards will not be accepted.

For visiting friends or relatives:

  • Proof of ability of visa applicant and/or family member to cover expenses incurred during trip (i.e. bank statement)
  • A signed letter of invitation from a friend or relative stating purpose of visit
  • A proof of residence from the person in Japan (usually, a certified copy of "juminhyo" or a certificate of residence)
  • Hotel confirmation (if applicable)

For tourism and sightseeing:

  • The applicant’s most recent U.S. bank statement
  • Hotel and/or other accommodation confirmation
  • Tour confirmation or itinerary detailing intended activities while in Japan 

PLEASE NOTE: Additional documents may be required if deemed necessary.