“The Presentations”

On March 3, the Consular Office of Japan in Anchorage held “The Presentation”, where high school and university students from Japan-Alaska sister cities could boast about tourist attractions and specialties of their towns. A total of 44 people, including 23 students, 13 observers, and 8 other people, participated in this event.
(1) Three Teshio Junior High School students (Chiaki Kurata, Uta Takashiba, and Yuzuki Nakano) introduced Teshio Town's specialties (freshwater clams, dairy product chuchu pudding, nature such as Teshio River) and an online class with children from West Homer Elementary School in Alaska on February 15, through a video and live presentation.
(2) Mr. Masahiro Nishikawa of Hakodate Educational University visited Hakodate's attraction sights (Goryokaku Park, Goryokaku Tower, popular restaurants, red brick warehouse, crepe shop, Old Hakodate Public Hall, Hachimangaoka, night view, Hakodate Station, etc.) through a video presentation that combines explanatory videos, which looked like taking a tour with him,
(3) 9 Monbetsu High School students (Kanon Sakai, Fuka Kadowaki, Hana Konno, Towa Hirocho, Ryota Hoshina, Sotaro Okamura, Hayati Tsuchida, Riko Mimura, Karin Chika) explained an overview of the city, an explanation of Monbetsu High School's academic curriculum and club activities, exchanges with Thai students, and places visited on school trips (Kyoto, Nara, Osaka) through a live presentation,
(4) Reina Masubuchi of Chitose High School showed us Chitose city sightseeing spots and events (Lake Shikotsu, Shikotsu Ice Festival, Chitose Airport exhibits and stores (chocolate factory, stamp rally, Hokkaido ramen dojo, sushi restaurant, McDonald's etc.), through a video that introduces them with good tempo music.
(5) Three students from Hyogo Prefecture, Taishi High School, (Momoka Ishii, Anri Ikeda and Aira Omoteguchi) gave an overview of Himeji City, introduced tourist attractions in Himeji City (outline of Himeji Castle, ghost stories related to Himeji Castle, etc.), Himeji City specialties (eki-soba, ice cream, sweet shops, leather crafts) through a video presentation,
(6) Hikari Murakami from Hyogo Prefecture, Taishi High School, gave an overview of Ako City, Ako City specialty products and leisure (mandarin oranges, orange picking tours, oysters, ponzu sauce), history of Ako City (Ako Roshi stories, related movies/TV shows, "43 Ronin" starring Keanu Reeves etc.) through a video presentation.
(7) Manato Kobayashi of Chitose High School explained club activities, through a live presentation, especially the development of new food "Shaketto Ishikari Nabe Flavor" in cooperation between BSC (Business Study Club) and Iwatsuka Seika Co., Ltd. This food, "Shaketto", produced in cooperation with a local confectionery company, Iwatsuka Seika Co., Ltd., combined with Chitose City's specialty salmon, has been well received at supermarkets and convenience stores, and a portion of the sales is donated to explain Ainu folklore and culture at the Upopoy Museum, and that they are also donating Ainu Hachimaki (hairband),
(8) Kai Thomas of Anchorage West High School introduced the ski resorts in the Girdwood Mountains of Alaska and popular shops, the ice cream sold there, and a place of relaxation with the nearby breweries and crepe shops through a video presentation.
(9) Makoto Kanamori of Polaris K-12 School, starting with the snow scene around his home, introduced sights and leisure around Anchorage (moose, Glacier cruise, flight-seeing, dip-netting, dog sled races, American eagles, paragliding, Denali National Park, Aurora Borealis, etc.) through a dramatized video with a good-tempo music.
The presentations by the 9 group / individual students at this event were all full of originality and ingenuity, they deepened the understanding of each other's 'national pride' and promoted friendly relations between Japan and Alaska.
At the beginning of the event, the presenters were encouraged by a lively taiko drum performance by "Tomodachi Taiko", and all attendees enjoyed an a-cappella performance by the "Pipeline Vocal Project" just before the end of the event. Ms. Alana Baxter acted as moderator and her witty comments and smooth interpretation made by two interpreters (Ms. Tracy Anderson and Ms. Tia Hayashi) made the event wonderful.
After the event, the judges evaluated the presentations and decided to award the prizes to the following presenters.
1st Place    Makoto Kanamori (Polaris K-12 School)
2nd Place    Reina Masubuchi (Chitose High School)
3rd Place    Kai Thomas (West High School)
Congratulations to all the winners! There were many wonderful presentations other than the award-winning presentations. Thank you for your participation and efforts.
Please see the details of this event from the link below.
The link to the recording of the event is here     Passcode: D#3m%Zq*