Online exchange of views with Mayor of Wasilla, Ms. Glenda Ledford

Meeting picture
On July 9, Mr. Aniya and Mr. Weinert exchanged views online with the Mayor of Wasilla, Ms. Glenda Ledford.
Mr. Aniya mentioned that he heard the City of Wasilla had a friendship event in 2015 by receiving students from Uchiko Town, Ehime Prefecture. Mr. Aniya also mentioned that the Consular Office of Japan in Anchorage would like to hold various friendship promotion events through the "Japan-Alaska Sister City Forum," and that he would like Wasilla City and Uchiko Town to participate in the Forum meetings, and related Forum events.  Mr. Weinert said the Consular Office of Japan in Anchorage has begun contacting OEMs (Office of Emergency Management) in major cities in preparation for emergency situations.
Mayor Ledford mentioned that there is not a sister city committee in Wasilla, but the city is interested in promoting friendship with Japan, especially in promoting economic relations, so she wants the Consular Office to start contacting with a person in Wasilla to discuss future cooperation. As for emergency situations, the Consular Office will be informed of the necessary contact information etc. Mayor Ledford  also stated that she had never visited Japan before, and would like to visit when the cherry blossoms bloom.