The 3rd 2022 Japan-Korea-Philippines Consular Office Forum meeting

On November 28, the 3rd 2022 Japan-Korea-Philippines Consular Office Forum was held, and presided by Mr. Aniya. Consul Rebecca Carrillo from the Philippines Honorary Consular Office and Consul Seung Man Sang from Consulate of the Republic of Korea attended the Forum meeting. Mr. Darrick Howard, staff member of the Consular Office of Japan, also attended the meeting.
At the forum meeting, information and opinions were exchanged on the status of communication and exchanges between each consular office and their own country's citizens. Alaska occupies a vast area, so in order to respond to emergencies such as earthquakes, it is necessary to devise ways to organize and communicate with citizens of your own country, especially with those living in rural areas. At this meeting, ideas, opinions and information were exchanged on these points.
In addition to this, information was exchanged on cultural and exchange events planned by each office in 2023, as well as topics and projects that have become a hot topic in Alaska recently.